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Who is NeonBunny?

NeonBunny started in the club and party scene in the late 90’s after moving to the Bay Area of California. From underground parties, to regular club events, to art events, to warehouse parties, to mega concerts and massives, the Bay Area has it all. He quickly became involved with the local scene, first through event production and providing art and decor for events, and just being a part of different collectives producing events in the Bay Area.

NeonBunny plays a variety of styles of house music, mixing real time on CDJs. He tends to bounce around among similar genres in a dj set, without drifting to far away from his general love of all house music that has a good bounce and vibe to it, and easy and fun to dance to, such as Funky House, Tech House, Jackin House, Deep House, Progressive House, Electro House and so on. He’s always specializing in the newest music coming out, often playing releases before they are released.

Burning Man and the local Burning Man community has always been a big inspiration, showing that nightlife culture could be interactive, creative, artistic. As one of the core producers of the now-defunct event Bunny Jam, a dance party staged in quirky, off-brand locations (like abandoned fire stations and a porn warehouse), he began developing the persona of NeonBunny. As a DJ, NeonBunny will sometimes perform in costume, adding a creative and visual element to his dj sets.

Founder and Resident DJ at his monthly event called Frolic, Neonbunny has performed at some of the top clubs and large street fairs in the Bay Area (Public Works, The Endup, Temple, F8, The Sound Factory, SF Love Fest, & SF Pride to name a few). Neonbunny’s stage persona adds creative and visual elements to his DJ sets along side his ability to read crowds building a specialized set that’s sure to get the dance floor moving.

You can download a one page Electronic Press Kit here.