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Looking for something to make you shake your tail?  Well, you’re in the right place!  Below you’ll find a variety of full length dj sets from NeonBunny.  Including both live and studio recordings.  Mostly in the genre of house music, but as you’ll discover as you listen, that covers a very wide range of great Electronic Dance Music!

Feel free to use the player, or right click on the arrow next to the set to save to your computer!

1. Live Sets

2. Live at Frolic

3. Studio Demo Mixes

  • NeonBunny
    Hard House

    A little harder, a little faster, a little heavier. Can you take it?

  • NeonBunny
    Deep & Funky House

    Deep House, Funky House, with a whole love of groovin funky sounds with some future house thrown in!

  • WTF!
    What the Funk!

    A little bit of house, a whole lot of Funk!

  • NeonBunny - Spring Soul 2013
    Faster Harder Darker Stronger

    Inspired by the dark deep tech electronic sounds of Burning Man. Flames and dust, survival and art. Right through your ears and into your head.

  • NeonBunny - Spring Soul 2013
    Afterhours Underground

    Inspired by the late night sounds of the afterhours. Deep, groovin, and a little soulful.

  • NeonBunny - Spring Soul 2013
    Best of 2013

    NeonBunny plays his favorite tracks from 2013.

  • NeonBunny - Spring Soul 2013
    House of Bunny

    April 2012. 52min, 112meg.

    Currently some of my favorite tracks. House music. From funky to moody to bouncy to bangers.

  • Melodies-JC

    April 2011. 60min, 104meg.

    House music that is a little on the progressive end of the spectrum, and very melodic with alot of harmonies. Expect to hear some sounds not usually heard in house music, keys, strings, synths, and lots of vocals. Really good stuff that evokes alot of emotions.

  • NeonBunny - Spring Soul 2013
    Electro Swing

    January 2011. 54min, 78meg.

    The latest craze of music in the world. Ragtime, jazz, skat, house, dub, techno… Resampled and recontextualized, this stuff is the latest craze of music that is lighting a fire all over the world. This mix has only the best of the best, and stuff that is dance floor worthy.

  • Animal House
    Animal House

    June 2010. 61min, 71meg.

    House music. From electro house to fidget house to whatever house. Lots of good grooves with lots of vocals. Music that will get your tail wagging and your feet tapping.

4. Original Songs and Remixes